Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Penang Redux 9

We are back to hawker fare. This time, we (well, I) went on a hunt for Loh Mee. There is something addictive about noodles drenched in dark sticky sauce.

This place is called Sar Tiau Lor (3rd Road) or Lebuh Pesgrave.

We saw this pile of deliciousness on our way into the coffee shop. The Or Chien was slightly spicy, as evident by the slightly reddish egg. Large oysters decorated the fluffy fried egg. Good.

And this was the reason we came. Loh Mee, dark, delicious and sticky. Hiding within the dark depths were pork ribs. Oh my God, to melt for.

It's odd that in Penang, wherever you have Loh Mee, you will have Prawn Mee. You can mix the two together but in this case, I preferred them separate. The soup was sweetened by prawn stock and the infusion of pork ribs. Very good.
Another time, we went to Penang's famous cendol. Years of history covered the walls of the small shop that sold Asam Laksa, though we didn't try it.

Walls and walls of pictures graced the shop, attesting to its long history.

And here come dessert. I am usually not a fan of Cendul. But this was surprisingly good. For a hot day, this went down cool and refreshing. While the actual stall is along Penang Road in an alley, we can have it in the coffee shop slightly further down. They had a newer restaurant near Komtar Building but I prefer to stand in the alley and sip it down.

Call me crazy.

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