Monday, December 9, 2013

Jamie's Italian @ Pitt Street

I seem to be posting one post per year these days. Hopefully things will change in the coming year. Yep, that should be my New Year's resolution (that I hope I won't break in coming months).

I have seen Jamie Oliver's restaurant for a while now and it is always packed and there is always a line. Today, we wandered into Jamie's due to a slight hiccough in Fratelli Fresh (we greedy buggers were way too early).

Nice little signage in front.

Internal decor made out of various hanging spices and I believe a haunch of pork (fake I hope). 

Drinks for us. Since it's a Monday, we went totally virgin. On the left is a ginger mojito and the right is a mixture of soda, cranberry juice and other delicious fruity goodness that right now escapes my recollection.

We started with a selection of anti-pasti.

This is the three cheese gnocchi. I, for one, hate gnocchi after an ill made choice in Il Divo back in KL. However, this proved that not all gnocchis are made equal. It is soft chewy and cheesy. A definite win in my books.

This love morsel if call aracini which is basically deep fried rice balls the Italian way. Delicious and soft.

Fennel salad with blood orange. My first time eating fennel and I think it's forgettable.

Here come the mains. Linguini Vongole. It's light and fresh with a flavourful broth finishing off the dish.

Black angel, squid ink pasta with scallops. Stronger taste than the linguini and I am totally in love with it. I finally know what fresh pasta taste like.

Blue cheese ravioli with walnuts and pistachios. This is the best dish of the night but of course with the strongest flavour. I will definitely come back for more of this in future.

We finish off the night with a light dessert of trifle. It packs a fruity punch and not overly sweet.

Walking away from Jamie's Italian,I can only wonder how could I have missed fresh pasta. How did I survive before I met you??

Address: 107 Pitt St, Sydney NSW 2000
Phone:(02) 8240 9000
 11.30am to 11.00pm daily