Sunday, April 10, 2011

Penang Redux 8

There was some mix up in the billing the last time I stayed in Evergreen Laurel Hotel. Me being me, made a big fuss about it and this time around, the sales person in charge of my company's account took us for an 'appreciation dinner'. I think it was more of an apology for the screw up.

Excellent PR though. I was less annoyed after the effort. Since I was a long stay guest, they had given me some buffet dinner vouchers. The Colleague and I had tried their buffet dinner to our disappointment. That's why when the sales executive asked us where we wanted to eat, we jumped on the Chinese Restaurant located on Level 1. We saw many, many advertisement many, many moons back in the Malaysian Tattler about it being the best Chinese restaurant in Penang.

To my disappointment, I learned that a few years back, they turned it into a halal establishment. But I was willing to give this place a try.

The appetiser came free with any meal. I honestly can't say I can remember what this tastes like.

The soup that is supposed to mimic sharks fin. It was tasty and there were interesting little crunchy bits in there.

Instead of regular white rice, we were served fried rice. This was very fragrant and well fried, each little grain of rice fluffy.

Thai style chicken. Absolutely delicious. The chicken was crispy and the sauce the perfect blend of sweet and sour.

We were told that this is one the chef's speciality. And we could see why. Our Salad Prawn had a slight twist to it that made it quite unique. I would have imagined the prawns to be drowning in the batter but to my surprise, each prawn was crunchy and the batter only thinly covering them. The salad sauce thinly coated each fried prawn and not drowning.

Our veggie dish for the night. Pacific clams with broccoli and mushrooms. Thick sauce that matched well with what would have been several bland ingredients.

Complimentary dessert which I think was tiramisu. I enjoyed the chocolate garnish but the cake didn't tickle my fancy at all. We had this version of the dessert during breakfast and the various buffet dinners and I had never liked them. I would give this a pass.

Overall, the Chinese restaurant serves good food. I would definitely recommend this restaurant for all who would like a good Chinese meal, especially those that would require a Halal meal.

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