Friday, April 8, 2011

Penang Redux 7

I have heard a lot about Suffolk House in Penang. The last time we were there, we didn't consider going there to have a scout around.

Suffolk House was once the residence of Sir Francis Light, founder of Penang but has now been converted to a museum and a restaurant.

This is the view from the pavilion of sorts we sat at. We decided to try their afternoon tea.

The two types of tea we ordered.

My hot chocolate, which was more 'hot' than chocolate. It tasted like milk and nothing else. Quite a disappointment.

The different type of preserves and clotted cream. I believe there are pineapple, apple, strawberry and tomato preserves. Clotted cream and butter on the right.

Our tray came and sat right in the middle of the table. The first tier is the mince pie, the second piping hot scones and the last tier sandwiches. The mince pie is delicious warm and the pastry flaky. The filling was a creamy chicken that flooded the taste buds joy.

Hot buttery scones eaten with clotted cream and various types of preserves. I loaded mine with strawberry and ate with utter gusto. I miss warm scones from my younger days when the family used to stay at the company owned bungalow at Cameron Highlands.

Cucumber and smoked salmon sandwiches. Oddly enough, I preferred the cucumber sandwiches more than the smoked salmon one.

Another platter of sweets for our dining pleasure. The chocolate cake is evilly good. Dense and rich, it was chocolatey good. The middle I believe was Sugi cake. It wasn't as memorable but it was a nice cake. None of us managed any of the cookies as we had reached out limit.

While the price was a little on the pricey side, with it being RM120++ for two people for tea, we shared this amongst four people. All in all, it was a good meal.

Suffolk House
250, Jalan Air Itam, 10460 Penang (next to the Malaysian-German Society)
Tel: +6 (0)4 228 1109  Email:  Website:
Restaurant : +6 (0)4 228 3930

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  1. Suffolk House reminds me of our Seri Carcosa in KL..nice but pricey !