Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Penang Redux 12

Another lunch time jaunt. This time to a place Wong Chau Jun that apparently is famous for their hot and sour fish head meehoon.

The sign might be old and decrepit looking, but let me assure you, the food is good.

Lining the walls are their famous dishes.

Clear looking soup but deceptive. It's hot and sour at the same time and slurpalicious. We had the Aunty add more soup for us because we ended up drinking more of the soup than eating the noodles.

Their home made taufu. Smooth and delicious.

This is another specialty of theirs. The white stuff is very large hor fun served in soy sauce and fish meat. Excellent, different and unique.

If you are around Rangoon Road, head over here for some good food.

Another lunch escapade we had was just around our office area.

I never bother with Char Kuay Teow in Penang. I just find it overhyped and prefer the more interesting dishes like belacan chicken or asam laksa. But this place fried a very decent plate of Char Kuay Teow. Hot and spicy and dry. Very well done.

We ordered some veggies. Kailan in some sort of spicy sauce. This sauce was excellent. I tried to soak up every single drop.

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