Saturday, April 16, 2011

Penang Redux 11

This is another lunch time escapade. We were brought to China Street, near the Kuan Im Theng for some simple Hainan fare.

Simple fare it may be, but not so simple on taste. It's rather old school in terms of decor.

Roti Babi. Pork in rolled up bread and deep fried. Tasty.

Fried Kangkong in belacan. Crunchy and spicy.

Loh Bak. Very, very tasty. The meat is marinated just right. Dip in chilly and swallow.

Ju Hu Char. While good, I prefer the one I had at Hainam Town. The chilly here did not compliment the dish as well as the other place.

Curry fish head, nyonya style. Sour and spicy. Excellent.

My favourite dish of the day. Belacan Chicken. Despite it being deep fried, it managed to still be moist. The belacan is deeply marinated into the chicken meat, making it smell totally fragrant.

If you are around China Street, you must try this place.

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