Monday, April 25, 2011

Penang Redux 14

The Colleague mentioned a place to have some seafood near the clan jetties and we headed over one night to sample it.

It's a simple set up with the cook in the front and the eating in the back. Seafood is set out in little yellow bins for your choosing and you inform the lady how you want it cooked.

Weld Quay (Tree Shade). Apparently it was under a tree at one time long ago.

Belacan Chicken. I didn't really like this because it didn't have the strong belacan taste at the other places we had.

Kung Pao Frogs Legs. The taste was good but my only complain was the skinniness of the froggies. There was hardly any meat. The interesting thing was how they froze all the frogs and they were in one massive ball near the cooking area, their beady little eyes staring at us.

Salad Mantis Prawn. There was too much batter and it was pretty tiny. Quite disappointing.

Buttered Slipper Lobster. I liked the style it was cooked but I felt that the lobster meat was overcooked and 'under'fresh.

Overall, it was quite a disappointment. It may have been good to eat before but the standards have dropped in recently years.

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