Friday, April 1, 2011

Penang Redux 4

Still on the breakfast trail, we decided to ditch hotel food again and headed to Gurney Drive to Song River where we see quite a large group of people having little claypots of food.

One of the pots held this, fish head noodles. Sour and hot, clear and sweet. The noodles used were thick meehoon that absolutely soaked up the flavour of the soup. We ordered fish meat instead of fish head. In Penang, the soup is without evaporated milk as they do here in KL and I find I like this version more.

Ee Fu Mee. Tasty noodles filled with fish meat. The noodles were firm and fried to perfection.

This egg dish was my favourite. And until now, I drool thinking about it. The egg is cooked well, but still slightly undercooked and soft. Somehow the dreaded bitter gourd was an excellent complement to this. This is definitely a must try!
When you head down to Padang Kota Lama, or Esplanade, do stop by the food court there. Especially store number 8. They serve a really mean plate of fried rice, Malay style.

This was the reason it was the best Nasi Goreng, or fried rice I have taste in a long while. My lovely plate of spicy sambal. Four of us took twice this amount to basically drench our Nasi Goreng.

Sorry about the lack of quality in this picture but this is it. Nasi Goreng with fried chicken and a fried egg. The rice was fluffy and tasty. No unseeming clumps of rice sticking together. Each grain was by itself, showing the true skill of the cook.

We sat at the far end of the food court because we wanted to order drinks from this shop. What's good you ask?

Coconut shake. It's coconut juice topped with vanilla ice cream. There are pieces of coconut flesh swimming in the whole concoction as well.

This drink was refreshing and cooling after shoveling insane amounts of chilly into my system.

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