Thursday, August 5, 2010

Siang Seafood Restaurant @ Sogo, KL

A farewell to a colleague took us to a halal dim sum restaurant in Sogo.

I am pretty wary about halal dim sum. There is always something about the pork that gives it that extra 'oomph'. But I'm happy to say, this place does serve very good dim sum.

Pre-lunch food of braised peanuts and something that I liked but not sure what it was.

The egg tarts are famous here. I can see why. The filling is smooth and not too sweet while the crust is fluffy and crispy. It came fresh out of the oven so it was still warm.

Their siew mai was chicken of course but hid a few prawns at the base and very flavourful.

Har gao that was prawns, crunchy prawns. Enough said.

Our xiao long bao was a disappointment as I could immediately taste that it was chicken. There flavour from the pork is missing.

This was one of their specials of the month. The inside was a mixture of seafood that was unique. It was finished in record time.

Prawn Chee Cheong Fun which was regular. Not much to comment on it actually.

My grouse about the char xiao bao was that they had coriander leaves in them. And I hate coriander. The other liked it but I couldn't get past the herb.

The fried carrot cake came to the table piping hot and smelling super fragrant. It was excellently prepared with just the right flavour so the carrot cake didn't taste bland.

This was something we had taste before in other visits and we just had to order it again. Noodles cooked in spicy sauce with eggplant. Slurpilicious.

They also have 50% off on all dim sum during weekends so it worth to go there for morning 'yam cha'.

Siang Seafood Restaurant
6th Floor, KL Sogo

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