Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Restauran Hong Nyek @ Jalan Tun HS Lee

Lunch is always a simple affair during work days. But on this particular day, we decided to celebrate a friend's birthday by ordering dishes at Hong Nyek, a place we usually have noodles and such at.

I have never tried their dishes but the pictures that lined their walls spoke to their deliciousness... I hope.

Stewed Kampung Chicken. This was a miscommunication between the person taking the order and us. We were told it was supposed to be 'Kung Po' style but came out chinese herbal style. I have never been a fan of kampung chicken but I did like the sauce. Very tasty on rice.

Stir fried Kai Lan. Just regular dose of our essential vits and fiber. Nothing much to talk about.

This was an asam style type of seafood dish. It was filly with sotong and prawns, both bursting with freshness. 

Their recommended 'taufu'. Made themselves from taufu and fish meat. Deep fried and had a light sauce poured over it. My favourite dish of the day.

Overall, it's not a bad place for a quick lunch that serves well executed and satisfying food.

Hong Nyek
Jalan Tun HS Lee (aka Jalan Bandaraya)

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