Friday, August 20, 2010

Aroma Ikan Bakar @ Pantai Jeram. Kuala Selangor

The company recently had an outing for an eating expedition. Seems like eating is the favourite past time of Malaysians everywhere. We even brave Friday evening traffic to travel an hour out of town to Kuala Selangor.

It's an impressively large restaurant in the middle of nowhere (in my view, of course). It's not strictly speaking in Kuala Selangor but around 20 minutes from there in a place called Pantai Jeram. Ask me again how to get there, I can't tell you.

A large spread waited for us, since our car was the last to arrive. Food was aplenty and the first thing I saw was the crab. The sauce was fantastic. Drench it with rice and you've a meal made.

The buttered prawns were not exactly fresh in my opinion. It was sticking to the shells a little too much but I liked the golden strands though. I ended up eating most of it.

The battered deep-friend calamari was the highlight for me. It was crispy and tender. Best dish of the day, easily.

Another well executed dish of deep fried fish. They call this 'Ikan Tiga Rasa' (Three Taste Fish). It tasted like a sweeter and spicier version of sweet and sour fish.

The grilled stingray was a bit tough even if it was quite tasty.

Another dish of prawns that suffered the same comment as above. Prawns sticking to the shells.

The steams cockles were something I don't fancy and didn't try. But it was a hit amongst the rest as it was quickly gobbled down.
Overall it was a tasty meal, especially the nasi lemak I had it with. I failed to take any pictures of it as it was inhaled rather efficiently.

Now, let's meet a local resident that stole my seat the moment I got up to take some pictures:

Naughty little tom.

Then we end the day with a gorgeous sunset.

Aroma Ikan Bakar,
Pantai Jeram, Kuala Selangor.


  1. YUmmy betul seafood kat sini :)

  2. weekend ni ak nak pgi try.. :D

  3. nak tanya ada resort near by x?

  4. Emyd3: Sorry, I'm not sure. Someone drove me and I just sat in the car :)

  5. ada D'Palma Inn Kuala Selangor..
    Kalau nak hotel mcm 1 or 2 star .. kat bandar kuala selangor banyak...

  6. klu baget RM50 sorang x 6 org ...berbaloi x...

    kitaorg dari kl...brape jam journey +- traffic jammed....