Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Betel Leaf Indian Restaurant @ Lebuh Ampang

Lunch is usually a casual affair on a weekday. However, a bunch of us wanted to try something different. Indian Fine Dining is that something different we decided to try.

Betel Leaf is a restaurant above Nalli's, a shop that sells sarees. It's dimly lit, giving off a sense of warm comfort. There are a host of stainless steel and copper wares for sale as well as a wooden swing. It's actually a perfect place to entertain for lunch.

And it's a halal outlet.

Not exactly papadam, but it's crunchy and free flow.

Mutton Beryani served in a stainless steel pot. All the yummy goodness is beneath the rice.

Bits of mutton and whole egg lay hidden under the fragrant rice.

The Vege Lunch set. This comes with rice and according to my colleague, everything single little dish is a winner. It's not wonder because we see platters on platters of these being served on tables.

My favourite dish here, Butter Chicken Marsala. It's the right combination of slightly sweet and spicy chicken in a thick creamy marsala gravy.

Another favourite of Gobi Manchurian. Basically battered cauliflower fried and cooked in sauce. Despite it being a vegetable, it tastes like chicken. However, today they were a little off form and the taste was definitely lacking.

All eaten with a crispy naan, bread cooked in a clay over.

And to help with digestion after such a sinfully heavy meal, rasam. It's basically soup cooked with spices. This is thicker than what I've tasted in other Indian restaurants but I had a problem with it being not sour enough.

Madras Coffee. Hot milk flavoured with coffee. Delicious and thick.

Betel Leaf
Lebuh Ampang.

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