Wednesday, July 21, 2010

C Club @ Pavillion

We were off to celebrate my cousin's birthday foodie style.

Full points for ambiance.

We decided on the 4 course menu. Our butter and olive oil with balsamic vinegar.

Our pre meal bread. It was warm and crispy on the outside and oh so fluffy in the inside.

Our drinks, Carrot Juice and Cranberry Juicy. Refreshing.

Scallops with Foie Gras. It's my first taste of foie gras and honestly, I was totally smitten. For someone who detests liver, I gobbled down the smooth richness in record time. The fresh crunchy scallop complimented everything well.

Teriyaki Glaze Slipper Lobster with Seared Foie Gras. We both think it's less of lobster and more of crayfish, but we could be wrong. 

Shellfish bisque with cognac. This was absolutely divine. The deep seafood flavour was fabulously highlighted in the thick creamy soup and accented by the slight bitterness of the cognac. I would have this again in a heartbeat!

Caesar Salad with Slipper Lobster. It was okay and we enjoyed the seafood injection more than the actual salad, which was pretty regular fair.

Aged Tenderloin in medium rare. The medium rare was a solid medium, but that was the only disappointment in the whole dish and a rather small one.

Grilled Pepper Sirloin. I found this to be slightly better than the tenderloin. I love how pink the middle is. Delicious.

The C Club Supermisu. I didn't taste any alcohol in this but I did like the creamy sweetness of the marscapone and the surprise of the crunchy pralines at the base of it.

Brownie ala mode with Vanilla Ice Cream. The chocoholic in me ignored the ice cream and went straight for the brownie. Moist and rich. 

Our coffees to close the meal. This menu gave us a taste of a little of everything. Definitely worth a try.
C.Club @ Pavillion


  1. Beware! Foie gras can become an unshakeable addiction!

  2. You have warned me too late. I'm already addicted :(

  3. Kyaaaaa... first time for my much of foie gras too and Sean's right! Have to reign in the addiction, dear...SAVE THE GEESE!