Sunday, July 4, 2010

Hutong @ Lot 10

I've heard of Hutong many, many times. After all, who has heard of the food court in a major shopping complex that had non-halal food and features some of the oldest best eating haunts in KL and around? I never had the chance to try it though, until my cousin decided it's time I did.

Positively starving, I went to the first shop that didn't have a long line waiting. Surprisingly, I struck gold with this one. I've obviously not heard of Honkee but the 'Teng Chai' porridge drew me in.

Look at the assortment of condiments stacked onto my humble chicken (I think) porridge base. Well, the crabstick isn't exactly traditional but it works with the overall ingredients for a silky, delicious porridge.

Once I was settled, the cousin went off for her own hunt and she came back with this:

Frothy soya bean milk. Still warm, not to mention thick and rich.

Another thing she said we had to try here.

The ever popular 'Ho Chien' or fried oyster in egg. The egg was properly crispy and mixed well wit the starch so you don't just get a mouth full of starch at each bite. The oysters were pretty big and ridiculously juicy.

This is Ducking and when I saw her standing there, I thought she was going to get some duck for us to try. Imagine my shock when she came back with this innocuous bowl of rice with a fried egg on it.
She told me it's pork lard oil rice. My first reaction was: Ew... Until I took the first bite. Immediately the flavours of the pork lard that had seeped into the rice burst on my tongue, creating a unique taste that only pork lard can yield.

A closer look at the delicious rice. I wouldn't say it's cheap, seeing it's only rice and egg for RM5+ but worth every penny.

She finally went to get her mains.

A classic pork noodle ended her jaunt around Hutong. It was the ultimate road down memory lane of us having delicious pork noodles filled with minced pork, pork ball with pork sausage.

Knowing me, life would not be complete with dessert to end an already fantastic meal. I had walked past this place in my initial survey of the place and the shaved ices caught my attention immediately. Why? Because of these two flavours they had (which I ended up ordering):

Black Sesame Shaved Ice. Sad to say, this was a disappointment. The usual strong fragrance of black sesame was nonexistent. As my cousin said, it tasted like someone took a packet of powdered black sesame flavouring and dumped it into the ice. Definitely a miss.

Durian Shaved Ice. This I could wax poetic about all day. This was creamy and not too sweet. The flavouring of the durian reminded me of 'durian kampung'. Of course it wasn't as good as the durian ice cream potong we had earlier in Petaling Street but this is definitely a recommended dessert for me.

Hutong, Lot 10

Opening Hours: 10am - 10pm


  1. You just sold me the pork noodles. One large bowl, please.

  2. pork lard oil rice actually sounds really tempting for me. though i guess it's only the oil, and none of the crunchy lard pieces in the rice?

  3. Viv: When you come down for Bon Odori, we shall make it a trip there.

    Sean: You're absolutely right. They gave us the lard piece upon request but it wasn't crunchy at all, and we ended up fishing all the piece out in disgust. This teaches us not to reinvent the wheel :)

  4. Ho chien! Ho chien!

  5. not to mention, i was seriously tempted to hook in the stewed beef noodle coz we were really near to it. Oh well, nevermind, the next time :):)