Friday, July 9, 2010

Sushi Zanmai @ The Gardens

Long lines trailed out from Sushi Zanmai. And that usually marks a good place to eat. I was once a fan of Genki Sushi, favouring its authenticity over Sushi King. I hoped to find a replacement for a place that no longer existed.

We got in, got seated and started getting serious about ordering.

The Chuka Idako was good without the overwhelming starch that usually coats the baby octopus. Flavoured exactly right and crunchy to a fault.

A definite staple for my friend, unagi. I'm not a big fan of eel but she loved it, saying it was grilled perfectly and the textures disintegrating on her tongue.
The trio of sushi we ordered. Ebikko, Scallop Wings and Tuna Salad (I think). Pretty common fair.

My staple, Sukiyaki. Look at the lovely thin slices of beef.

The actual Sukiyaki itself. It wasn't too big a portion, leaving enough place to try other stuff. The taste of the Sukiyaki was the right combination of sweet and salty.

Soft Shell Crab roll. Another common fair. However, it was freshly made, so the crab was perfectly crunchy.

Kani Maki. Another thing I order just because.

Grilled beef filled with enoki. This was the star of the night. The enoki absorbed all the flavours of the beef as well as the sauce it was grilled in. The mingling of tastes burst on our tongues while the enoki retained its lovely crunchiness.

Itachoco Monaka. Thick chocolate in vanilla ice cream. We would have loved it if the wafer was crispy but I soon learned that this dessert came pre-packed. However, the vanilla wasn't overwhelming and it mixed with the chocolate well. I liked this immensely.

Sushi Zanmai
The Gardens.

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