Thursday, July 15, 2010

Sweet Bean @ Sri Petaling

Feeling a bit peckish, we headed over for some dessert and snacks. Sweet Bean in Sri Petaling has been around for some time and their desserts not too bad.

This is the first time however, we have ventured into their savouries.

Nasi Minyak which I think is actually a glorified version of Nasi Lemak. It's so so, and tasted pretty regular.

Chicken chop and noodle in mushroom cheese sauce. The chicken was extremely tasty and well executed. Tender, moist and cooked to perfection. The noodles however, was much left to be desired. The sauce was good but the noodles stuck together horribly.

Yau Char Kwai with kaya. It was freshly made and extremely crispy. The addition of the kaya dipping was interesting, being the first time I had Yau Char Kwai this way. Usually it's with a cup of black Malaysian kopi.

Mashed sweet potato with chocolate filling. There is this slight glutinous quality to the sweet potato. The surprise of the chocolate filling was a good compliment.

The desserts for the day. They offer a mix of red bean and peanut paste. The red bean wasn't anything to shout about but the peanut paste was excellent. It was definitely not your peanut butter base types.

Mango puree with sago and coconut milk. This was rich and filling but oh so good.

Sweet Bean,
Sri Petaling.

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