Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Crystal Jade @ Hong Kong

So sue me, I travel all the way to Hong Kong but ended up in Crystal Jade. I really wanted to make a comparison of our chains here and there. Let's see how they fair up.

I had already decided the usuals I would order to test out the 'uniformity' of the chains.

Spicy meat sauce la mian. This tastes exactly like the one I had in Gardens. Which means, it's good and yummy.

Xiao Long Bao. The soup inside was piping hot and deliciously sweet.

My first try at fried turnip. Very good and flaky. It was moist, and retaining the sweetness of turnip. 

Fried Shanghai Dumplings. This one was super good. The pastry was nice and crispy, the meat inside tasty.

Tong Yuen. I find this hard to get here and I jumped at the chance of ordering it. Fabulous. The black sesame filling flowed out into my mouth when I bit into it. I've been totally missing this.

Crystal Jade
Hong Kong

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