Monday, February 28, 2011

Snowflake @ Pavillion

I have always wanted to try Snowflake during my shopping trips at Pavillion. I see huge crowds converging and that can only mean something good is about to be served.

This is the classic taroball series with jelly. Ice is piled below. I loved the taroballs. I love how chewy they are. I didn't like the ice too much though. It was really very hard to melt and most time, I was using the metal spoon as an ice pick. The ice, I ended up leaving while the toppings were finished in record time.

This was the special of the month or week, sorry I forget. But the ice was coconut flavoured. Wasn't too much of a hit.

We moved on to the Sea Amber Jelly. I expected this to be slightly tart and refreshing but it disappointed me as it was too sweet. Not exactly bad, but not to my taste.

Lime Jade Jelly. This had the refreshing tartness I was looking for. However, it was too sour. We found out through the unwielding ice that the sugar was at the bottom and one thoroughly mixed, made for quite a delicious dessert.

While this outlet isn't bad, I just wish they would do something about their ice. It it melted a little easier, like some of the Ice Kacang we have, it would have been perfect.

Pavillion, KL

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