Friday, February 18, 2011

Penang Food Trail 7

My trip to Penang seemed to be a whirlwind of eating, food, eating, food... did I mention eating? My cousin took me a Nyonya Restaurant that was every dish a good thing. 

Mama's is a little shop out of a house type building. I know I'm not making sense. Probably because I am still drooling at the taste of food there.

We started with the Black Fungus Kerabu. The sauce was excellently absorbed into every part.

Lobak. Meaty, fragrant, delicious.

Ju Hu Char. This was good but I preferred the one I had in Precious, Central Market in KL.

I can't really remember what kind of veggy this was but it was a variety I had never seen before. It was fresh, hot and yummy. Interesting and unusual.

Wild boar curry. Yes, you read right. Not something you see on the menu anymore. The meat was not too tough and perfectly matched with the thick, rich curry.

Curry chicken. It was good but I guess compared to the previous dished before it, it just seems normal.

Asam prawn that we ordered at the last minute. The meat was succulent, the sauce a great blend of tart and sweet.

Otak-otak. I always like the Penang version that always punches up the daun limau purut.

It was after we nearly finished everything that I realised I forgot to take a picture of the fish head curry. I can only describe it in one word: Perfect. Nyonya style of slightly sour curry filled with variation of fish meat and fish head parts.

Greedy me had to try their Black Glutinous Rice dessert. It came with a small cup of santan which is supposed to be mixed in. A perfect end to a totally satisfying meal.

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