Sunday, February 13, 2011

Penang Food Trail 4

Today we delve into the epitome of Penang food, hawker fare. A pleasure to consume and traditional ambiance (think eating by the side of the road).

We went to New Lane Hawker Centre, which is basically a street lined with push carts and seats set up along the pavements.

Look at the hustle and bustle of people at around 8pm at night. The crowd speaks a thousand words.

Mee Yoke or Hokkien Mee. One of the few street foods that are a must when in Penang. There were a few stalls selling the same things and we randomly chose a shop that served it pretty well.

Char Koay Kak. Fragrant and lovely. I love the 'chai por'.

Or Chien. Huge juicy oysters cooked in an omelette. I didn't like this so much due to the amount of starch in it. But there was a good amount of egg in there which made it a saving grace.
All hail the almighty Hae Ko Chee Cheong Fun. However, this wasn't as good as the one in Island Glades. They separated the sweet sauce, hae ko and chilli sauce. This means you had to dip into each sauce separately, reducing the actual enjoyment of the mixed taste.

Char Kuay Teow. It was well fried with waxed Chinese sausages. We didn't try the super famous ones that cost a minimum RM8 per plate but this was good by itself.

They called it the Air Itam Asam Laksa but it tasted slightly different than the one in Island Glades where it was supposedly the authentic one from Air Itam. I liked this more as it was sourer.

We ordered Wan Tan Mee for my friend's toddler son. It was okay, as I feel that KL has better versions of it.

Curry curry noodles! Penang styles are all the same that looks white and unappealing until you mix the sambal into them.

Yam Cake that didn't taste like it had too little yam and too much flour. Disappointing.

Sotong Kangkong. Basic.

I finally had my Muar Chee again. The texture was excellent but the peanut and sugar mixture was off. It had too much sugar and thus made it too sweet.

Leng Chee Kang. Refreshing.

ABC Special with a huge mound of ice cream crowning the summit.

New Lane Hawker Centre


  1. Looks like a satisfyingly artery-clogging hawker feast! Am wondering though, what are the special ingredients that go into the rm8 premium char kuey teow version?

  2. Sean: It was also a pound-piling version as well. The premium version has mantis prawn and large size prawns. Not to mention a long standing 'reputation'. I heard those stores are pretty 'LC' when it comes to serving customers. More of the 'if you can't wait, feel free to leave' type.