Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Penang Food Trail 5

Today is just a mismatch of random hawker fare we had here and there.

First was a trip to Gurney Hawker Centre. Not really a good trip. I like the Leng Chee Kang there due to the little chewy green balls there. Nice texture, like bubble tea. Otherwise, the taste was regular and the pictures was taken by my phone and not exactly satisfactory.

This was a dish of pure indulgence. Fried chicken skin and squid served with regular chili sauce. I loved this. It's totally bad for you but heaven on your taste buds.

I wanted Asam Laksa, and I got quite a forgettable fair of Asam Laksa. Disappointing.
The Or Chien was more starch than egg. One work: Yuck.

My conclusion is that Gurney Hawker Centre is a tourist trap and better fare is available elsewhere.

Working through a public holiday, we managed to find one place that was opened for lunch. Padang Kota Lama had a Malay store that served Nasi Goreng with Ayam. While having Hameed's Mamak Mee there, we have seen a few dozen plates being served. I am pleased to say that the crowd is right. It's a very tasty plate of fried rice.

Sri Weld Hawker Centre's famous Nasi Lemak. They sell from early in the day and finish at around 4 -  5pm. They have a variety of 'fillings' such as fish, chicken, squid and egg. The sambal is excellent and coupled with great coconut rice makes an unforgettable packet of nasi lemak.

Other fare at Weld Hawker Centre. This was another famous fare of curry noodles. I preferred other places but this was good and satisfying by itself.

This fried hor fun was sub standard and pretty tasteless. If you are around Weld Hawker Centre, better to give it a miss.

From then, we head on to Pasar Malam fare.

Mmm... yummy Mee Yoke. The broth had an intense punch of essence of prawn.

This was one yam cake that I love. It had more than yam than flour. So good when dipped in the sweet sauce.

Char Koay Kak. There was enough 'wok hei' to make this quite the memorable dish.

Another bowl of Asam Laksa. I would rate this as 'not too bad'.

We had this Lam Mee near the Peranak Museum. I loved it. It's been a long time since I had Lam Mee made in this fashion.

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