Friday, February 11, 2011

Penang Food Trail 3

EBM's back to Penang with the third installment on the food trail. 

This time, we are headed off to a Malay restaurant called Hammer Bay. It's near Queensbay Mall, overlooking Pulau Jerajak.

You order by the huts and have your food near the sea. It has a nice view of the Penang Bridge as well.

The main attracted here is the Ikan Bakar or grilled fish. You can choose from a variety of any fish you wanted and we chose Siakap. It was a good grilled fish that's moist and juicy.

The fish is eaten with the following two sauces.

The fried sotong was absolutely delicious. It was battered and cooked with some curry leaves. Absolutely sinful.

This is the best tomyam I have ever tasted out of Thai restaurants. It's the type with coconut milk and filled with yummy seafood. Definitely a must-try. Nearly every table seem to have a bowl of it. We weren't wrong to follow the crowd.

Daging Masak Merah which was totally unusual. The beef was thinly sliced and quite honestly, tasted very much like 'Char Siu'. Very well made.

Daily dose of veggies. Nothing too exceptional about it and forgettable.

Overall, Hammer Bay is an excellent find and totally yummy.

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