Friday, June 18, 2010

Teppan 200 @ Hong Kong 2009

A brief visit to Hong Kong brought out my camera to snap everything I saw (food, that is). It was amusing to see my aunt roll her eyes and my uncle help me pose the food. I was told of the many pleasures of Hong Kong and oddly enough a must-try is Japanese food. My aunt insists that it tastes different in Hong Kong as compared to Malaysia.

Unable to resist, my uncle, aunt and I walked into Teppan 200. It was actually next door to where we wanted to try but since there wasn't too much of a line waiting, we decided to try Teppan 200 instead. We decided on a set for 3-4 people. 

Big mistake. 

We didn't know it was going to be quite THAT much.

We started with sashimi. I was hesitant to try it at first. After all, I have not had pleasant experiences with sashimi prior to this. I was prepared to be shocked. I ended up gobbling every single piece down. I have never tasted such succulent sweetness. No fishiness, nothing but just pure fish. Wonderful.

The salad was the next course to arrive. It was loaded with veggies, avocados and suspicious slab of something over the top. All topped off with Japanese dressing. The pink slab literally melted in my mouth and immediately I felt a burst of many flavours. I found out later it was raw tuna. RAW tuna? I hate anything raw. I guess that was about to change.

Our next course was the soup. This was cream of asparagus. It was thick and creamy and deliciously warm.

The omelette stuffed with prawns came next. I can usually live with or without eggs, so to me, it was a pretty okay dish.

The heavy stuff started to arrive. Barbequed cows tongue. It smelled great but I felt it too tough. I was literally pulling at it to get a bite off.

They called this dish beef hot-pot but I think it's actually sukiyaki.

This was another grilled dish, lamb this time. About now we were all about to explode. However, we always have space for lamb, at least I do. The lamb was juicy and tasteful. The meat completely tender.

My eyes literally bugged out when I saw this dish coming. It was an entire scallop hidden under all that cheese. It was extremely decadent.

We had gotten to the carbs portion of the meal and it became almost impossible to have anymore. This was an odd dish of yakisoba and rice fried together with teriyaki chicken. We ended packing it back for breakfast the next day. Even reheated it was very good. The flavour seeped wonderfully into the noodles and rice.

When our dessert finally arrived (with us half dead from stuffing ourselves) I thought this was a milk pudding but hiding under the not too appetising (to me) milky liquid was a wonderfully mix of sour and sweet jelly pudding. It was an excellent end to a wonderful meal.


  1. The tuna looks pretty juicy! I've learned that sometimes, raw or semi-raw food can be the best way to savor the flavors of fish and meat :D

  2. Sean: The tuna was totally fabulous. The next trip to Hong Kong will back to Teppan 200 for a time of gluttony. I agree with you now, raw's the way to go :)