Sunday, June 20, 2010

Green Curry Noodles @ Home

So I decided to utilise the kitchen after a very, very, very, very long hiatus from even stepping into it. Mom got me a green curry mix and I decided to try it with chicken and long beans. Brunch is served!

The mix is actually quite tasty. I only missed out on Kafir Lime Leaves. I didn't know it was so hard to find here. I felt it was a little thick, but I have extra mix left, so it will be more experimentation next week.

Decided to make use of the Skyy Citron I purchased last week. The yellow is actually Mountain Dew. The mixture is a little odd but it's extremely refreshing. The taste of Mountain Dew isn't as strong as Kickapoo and it mixes well with the lemon infused vodka.

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