Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The Apartment @ KLCC

A long ago planned reunion of old friends finally came through and a bunch of us met up after a year or so of planning (and failed attempts). Initially deciding on Full House, we decided we were too hungry and too lazy to drive the five minutes there. We decided on The Apartment instead.

The ambiance was lovely. We took the second floor seating and it was quite empty, so we had a quiet corner to laugh ourselves silly over inane jokes and crazy insults.

Such reunions are always better over booze. My friend and I each took the house pouring. I couldn't really remember what's the name of the wine but I remember it was Australian. My red was extremely fragrant and smooth. It went down like silk. The white was okay to me, since I'm not really fond of white wine.

My two other friends went the non-alcoholic route and went with ice lemon tea and lime juice.

Since two of us gorged on a huge lunch earlier, we decided on tapas to share instead of ordering all mains. The scallops were rather minute in my estimation and there was a slight fishy smell. I guess I'm really fussy when it comes to my seafood. Dumping a lot of lime on it seems to work.

Salmon and crab cakes. It was flaky and flavourful. Very tasty, especially with the dipping sauce. I have no complaints about this one.

Later comer friends ordered the chicken skewers. I was to full to taste this but they did say the meat was tender and juicy.

Classic mushroom soup. I'm always a sucker for mushroom soup that has this greyish quality. It smelled positively wonderful and extremely 'mushroomy'.

The pasta my friend ordered. It was very bland and completely forgettable.

Roast duck on a bed of mash with walnuts and peaches on the side. The meat was tender but it could have done with a little more sauce. I think it's because we are used to having duck Chinese-style; dunked generously in plum sauce.

Nothing completes a meal without dessert. We started with pear and apple crumble with vanilla ice cream on the side. The crumble tasted like rock sugar and it was a tad too sweet.

Chocolate pudding. We ordered it late and they told us it was a 20 minute wait. Worth. Every. Minute. Nothing screams decadent like chocolate sauce exploding over a moist chocolate cake. Throw a small spoonful of vanilla ice cream and let it mingle and melt in your mouth. Pleasant end to the meal.

The Apartment,

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