Thursday, June 17, 2010

Company Dinner @ Impiana Hotel

It was a company affair and everyone trooped over to Impiana Hotel's ballroom for a Gala dinner. We were dressed in our best and it ended up being a four-course Western-style dinner plus coffee or tea.

The menu for the night. It looks impressive enough. But the taste would definitely be the test of it.

When you see more than one pair of cutlery on the table, you know you might be in for trouble. I'm glad I had a lame childhood and loved looking through etiquette books.

There were two prawns here, one was fresh but the other was rather suspicious.

Tomato soup. I really liked the wonderfully sourness of this. I plunked a tonne of pepper into it and slurped it all up.

The main of chicken breast and pasta. The chicken was very, very dry. I much preferred the pasta. The gravy from the chicken tasted much better over the pasta. The chicken was unfortunately a total miss.

This dessert was extremely to DIE for. Yes, I am a chocoholic.

Ballroom, Impiana Hotel 
13, Jalan Pinang, 
50450 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Tel: 60(3) 2147 1111
Fax: 60(3) 2147 1100


  1. The dessert looks gooooooooooooood... hehehehehe... and yes, the prawn... it looks suspiciously like a yabbie or worse, a hermit crab :P

  2. Yes, the only thing that was truly scrumptious about the whole dinner was the dessert. The rest were edible but I wrote it off as 'dinner food'.