Monday, March 28, 2011

Penang Redux 2

We had a few interesting dishes during lunch most days, thanks to our resident Penang Foodie specialist.

We brought to somewhere neat a Great Eastern building for Char Kuay Teow. While I am not really a fan, I do enjoy a good dish of this sometimes. This was fried with duck egg. I couldn't really taste the difference that much, only that the duck egg was much stiffer than normal chicken egg. Overall interesting but wouldn't say it's 'fantastic'. Then again, Char Kuay Teow has always been alright for me.

Same coffee shop serving mamak mee. It was no where near the Padang Kota Lama one. I preferred that one much more. This was a little too wet for me.

One of the colleagues 'tar pau'ed this Bak Chang for us. It was solid with ingredients of chestnuts, green beans, salted duck egg yolk and mushrooms. However, I like the taste of the one they were selling in front of Union School much more.

Yam cake. It was slightly on the soft side. I wished I could have tasted more yam in the mix.

Penang Redux will continue. Stay posted.

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