Thursday, January 6, 2011

Siu Siu Restaurant @ Robson Heights, KL

Near Midvalley, there is a little shop in a place called Robson Heights. A modest type shop set along the side of a hill was Siu Siu Restaurant.

Traditional looking sign. They have a branch right at the end of Sungai Besi Highway but after trying both places, I choose Robson Heights for having better food.

And their specialty? Claypot crab rice.

A handsome looking fella cooked on a bed of rice flavoured with dark sauce, ginger and secret ingredients. The taste of the rice is filled with the flavour of crab.
Char Siu and Siu Yoke is another must have when you're here. I always go for the Char Siu Tou, or the head of the Char Siu. True it is quite on the fatty side but it's along the realms of 'Oh my God good'.

Another must have for me here at Siu Siu. I can't really remember what's it called but it's basically river prawn cooked in a butterish curry with glass noodles. My favourite way to eat this? Drench the crab rice with it's sauce. When done, either guzzle down the gravy as is, or have it with this:

Fried mantau. The plain mantau soaks up all the curry sauce perfectly.

Veggies round off the savouries of the night.

For dessert were cakes from Delectable Su purchased at the Gardens prior to coming here.

We chose 7 Sins of Chocolate and Cherry Bomb. Unfortunately, the only sin we committed that night was to actually taste these two cakes. Both cakes were dry and tasted pretty much like cardboard. There was literally no chocolate taste in the chocolate cake and the only thing edible from the Cherry Bomb were the canned cherries they use. I have come to a conclusion that Delectable Su's creations are made to look good but hold very little respectability in the taste department. And they are bloody expensive too.

Definitely give a miss from now on.

Siu Siu Restaurant
Robson Heights

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