Sunday, January 9, 2011

Ireland Potato @ Gardens Midvalley

A new outlet mushroomed in Gardens Midvalley and I scurried over to it to get a taste of it. Why? Because it appealed to my potato craving soul.

This was a place that sells predominantly chips. Each little cup filled with starchy goodness. They have other things on the menu like onion rings and fried squid.

Mostly, their draw is the topping for the fries. They have the usual ones like cheese, meat sauce and honey mustard. They also have the weirder ones like pickled mayonaise, wasabi mayo and various fruit based sauces. 

Being a complete traditionalist, I went for the honey mustard one (and because they pasted a 'best seller' sticker on it next to the menu). The potatoes were rough cut and freshly fried before poured over with warm honey mustard sauce. Soothes the potato maniac in me. Oddly enough though, the fries tasted slightly fruity, almost an apple flavour. It could have been the influence of the honey mustard topping.

The other 'safe' choice of pickled mayo. It was only at the bottom of it that you could see the small pickled bits. The slightly more sour taste of mayo reminded me of Amsterdam where they sold fries on every street corner with a small container of fritte sauce which is basically their version of mayo specifically designed to be consumed with fries.

I love this place for it's simplicity of food and yet comforting as well. However, these fries didn't come cheap at RM8.80 a cup.

This is how this place works. You order at the counter and they write your number on a cup. The same number is written on your receipt. You collect your order at the counter in the picture. Through the glass panel, you can see the action going on behind the counter.

Each other is deep fried and served immediately. Each cup piping hot and crispy to a fault. Excellent for a snack.

Ireland Potato
Gardens Midvalley 
(the connecting path between Gardens and Midvalley, next to Bread Story)

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