Thursday, December 30, 2010

Sin Chua Kee @ Old Klang Road

Tucked away in a corner after turning out of Old Klang Road near FGA was a restaurant that apparently is quite famous for it's 'tai chou' and I just found out about it recently.

I found out later that many people knew about this place and I have been remiss.

Hokkien Noodles. Very good. The sauce thick and ample 'wok hei' that made feasting on it a pleasant endeavor.

Pork knuckle. Look at the coat of the glistening sauce. I'm not too much of a fan of pork knuckle and stayed away from it but the sauce was excellent. They had little pieces of bread around the plate which was used for dipping.

Pig intestines cooked in garlic and dried shrimp. It's been a long time since I had this. The crunchiness of the intestines was preserved going well with the garlic and shrimp.
For me, this was the best dish of the night. The asam fish was fresh and the asam an intense mix of sour and spice. My only complaint was there wasn't enough sauce.

Obligatory dose of fiber. 'Meh' is all I can say.

Pork slice marinated in 'Nam Yee' and deep fried. It was surprisingly tender and juicy.

Baked crab was the last dish of the day. While it wasn't bad, I still preferred the version I had in Bagan Hailam. But crabs prepared this way is always the best. You can taste the freshness of the meat.

In conclusion, a solid place to have dinner that serves interesting ways of cooking food. Perfect for family dinners.

Sin Chua Kee 
(Turn in at FGA and look for the row of shops along the vet)

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