Saturday, January 15, 2011

Pantai Seafood Village @ Kampung Kayu Ara

Behind LDP is a cluster of a few shops that serves seafood. It seems quite popular as they seem to be packed even on weekdays.

Rows of aquariums filled with only the freshest seafood and cooked on demand. The prices tagged there are pretty shocking as well. They had a wide variety ranging from Spider Crab to the weird looking geoduck.

 Our wines for the night. Zamphire was one my brother brought back from Margaret River. It was a sparkly and tasted like champagne. Lovely paired with seafood.

See how it sparkles in glasses. Yum!

Huge bamboo clams steamed with garlic and fried shallots. While it was a simple dish, the freshness of the clams came through with the garlic adding a lovely tang to the flesh.

French beans in sambal belacan.

My favourite way of preparing Kai Lan. Nearly all the leafy part if cut into thin strips and deep fried while the rest of it is sauteed with garlic. The deep fried Kai Lan tastes like nori that you have at Japanese restaurants. I haven't had this in too many places. The other place that serves this to my knowledge is Kim Lian Kee along Petaling Street, who serves an excellent Hokkien Noodles as well.

Fried glass noodles that came out well. Not sticky and tastes flavourful.

Claypot yam chicken. The sauce in this was excellent and the yam was just delicious. I can't say much about the chicken because the rest of the family inhaled it.

Rice is always a must since there are a few 'rice bins' in my family. Enough 'wok hei' and the rice are fried enough that you can eat the individual grains.

My uncle's favourite pork knuckle. I can't comment much since I'm not really that big a fan of pork knuckle. I find it a little to fatty.

What is a seafood dinner without crab? Since all the crab was immediately slaughtered, the flesh was firm and sweet. The sauce was good over rice.

What's seafood dinner with a second dish of crab? Salted egg crab was our second choice. It was a sticky variety of preparing the salted egg that had the right amount of sweetness.

The prawn was ordered as an afterthought and I didn't really taste this as I was already too full but watching my family fall over it, I guess it wasn't that bad of a choice.

Pantai Seafood Village,
Kampung Kayu Ara

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  1. pork knuckle has certain parts that are all flesh and no fats. A well prepared pork knuckle would have tender but firm flesh (usually found near the bone).

    Fried rice looks a bit wet. Whats the taste like?