Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Marche @ The Curve

We celebrated a good friend's birthday at Marche. And this is the first time I have ever eaten here. The other Marche I have ever eaten at was when I was on my way to the Alps in Switzerland. Same concept, same decor. Perhaps not so same food.

A bunch of us girls went around armed with those little order forms to get a feast ready.

Passionfruit juice. Sour as hell but good. I like the crunchy bits at the bottom.

Lime and orange juice. Wasn't as sour as mine.

Sauteed mushrooms that my friend said was a 'must order'. It tasted like normal sauteed mushrooms to me. Not too bad but not exactly memorable.

The thing to order at Marche, rosti topped with cheese. I am a huge potato fan so I loved this dish.

Another rosti, this time with smoked salmon. We all hated the smoke salmon for it's too fishy taste. 

Cream sauce penne. It tasted like regular carbonara.

We ordered a steak at 'medium' which came out bleeding at the top and had to be 'redone'. It came out tasting a little like rubber.

Chicken sausages with brown gravy and mustard. 

We move onto dessert. It was rather disappointing as it was rather dry.

Life isn't complete without chocolate. However, it tasted rather stale as well. 

Marche isn't too bad a place to eat but there are some hits and misses. The desserts are a definite miss but give the rosti a try.

Marche @ The Curve


  1. Wow, you didn't like this place for sure!

  2. The presentation wasn't appealing as well, compared to the other places.