Saturday, December 18, 2010

Zuan Yuan @ One World Hotel

Follow up to the bridal shower post here, my friend had here wedding dinner at Zuan Yuan at the One World Hotel in One Utama.

The wedding dinner took over the entire restaurant, which wasn't that big, thus making it a very intimate affair. Wine was Shiraz from Rosemont Estate. It is actually a fantastic wine at a very, very reasonable price.

The first dish is the obligatory four seasons. I can't honestly say I know what I was eating but I loved the crispy bee hoon thing.

Same dish from the other side. Kung Pao Cuttlefish and some sort of cold scallop dish. It was definitely a good start.

This was the highlight of the entire dinner for me. Double-boiled sharkfins soup with fresh Lily Bulb and Wolfberries. The soup was lovely and tasteful with large pieces of sharksfin in the soup. Excellent.

Roast chicken in brown bean sauce. The thick sauce complimented that well roasted chicken. And topped off with nicely crispy skin.

Freshly steamed pomfret. A lovely fresh fish.

Tiger prawns cooked with spicy oats. I thought it was butter prawns at first. I ended up attacking the oats.

Sauteed celery with lotus root and gingko nuts. Since I was not a fan of celery, I was just nibbling at the lotus root. I can't say I particularly loved this dish.

The last carbohydrate dish of fried rice with seafood. It was a large portion that everyone ended up not being able to finish. It was decently prepared as fried rice went but I prefer the 'wok hei' at the normal 'tai chow' places outside.

Final dishes of dessert that was sea coconut with aloe vera and fresh lemon. I love anything with lemon in it but didn't finish the sea coconut portion as I usually find it a little too sweet.

Two types of desserts. A sweet end to an overall satisfying dinner.

My overall impression of Zuan Yuan was that it was a good place to eat that served food that are beyond the traditional 'wedding banquet' type of cooking.

Zuan Yuan @ One World Hotel
First Avenue
Bandar Utama, 47800 Petaling Jaya, Selangor

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