Friday, August 26, 2011

Fong Lye @ Gardens Midvalley

Fong Lye was a place I have eaten once before but I had forgotten about it until a friend dragged me back there.

I have not forgotten it since.

Squid deep fried with salt and spices. Seriously decadent and crunchy. Right taste of spice to match with the usually slightly bland squid.

Three cups chicken. The sauce is thick and spicy and the chicken tender and juicy.

The sides that came with it.

Rice with some minced pork over it and the far corner is the soup. They have different soups each time. Very refreshing and delicious.

Passion fruit Oolong Tea. It's not exactly sweet but the fragrant scent of passion fruit tricks your mind into thinking it's much sweeter than it actually is.

That's peanut ice cream at the top of this lovely dessert. Seriously good. Worth a try when you go there.

Fong Lye @ Gardens, Midvalley

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