Monday, August 29, 2011

Grand Imperial @ Bangsar Shopping Centre

I haven't been to Bangsar Shopping Centre in quite a bit. I was pleasantly surprised at the facelift that they had done. Everything looks new and shiny right now.

The family met up at Grand Imperial recently. They were serving Chinese food with a slight fine dining twist to it.

Nice flatware for everyone. They even have knives and fork that I ended up using more than chopsticks because I failed.

Additional dish of Peking duck that was ordered. Look at the glossy, crispy roasted duck prior to being molested by hungry family.

Post molested duck wrapped up in little rice pancakes with sweet sauce, cucumber and spring onions. Yum.

Deep fried rice paper lotus root with salted fish accompanied with steamed marrow melon stuffed with prawn paste and button mushroom. I love the white almost mushroom soup sauce they used for the stuff marrow melon.

Braised Vietnamese-style shark's fin soup in claypot. Thick broth that's filled with seafood such as scallops, prawns and pieces of sharks fin. It came with fresh basil leaf to be added to the broth should you so desire it.

Roast whole suckling pig. Poor piggy, life ended at such an early stage, but damn tasty sacrifice actually. However, they did serve it too us a little late so it was not as hot as we wanted it to be

Steamed 'Turbo' fish with chef's special preserved olive and black bean sauce. This was an odd dish as I found it slightly fishy while the rest of the family said it tasted just fine. Perhaps I have a love hate relationship with fish in general. The meat was perhaps a little too firm than what I'm used to with fish as well.

Sauteed red sandy clam with fresh lily bulb and fresh yam root. The clams were very fresh and tender and I love fresh lily bulb.
Braised bean stick with sea cucumber cube in meat ball. Very delicious and thick broth covering a well prepared meat ball. I couldn't really taste the sea cucumber though, as I think it was smothered by the stronger tasting meat ball. To me however, that's a good thing, since I'm not too much of a fan of sea cucumber.

This was the rest of the duck meat from the Peking duck earlier, since only the skin was used. They gave us fresh, crunchy lettuce to wrap it in.

Fried egg noodles with cuttle fish in superior soya sauce. This is probably hands down the favourite dish of the entire night as voted by the family. It was perfectly fried with a right balance of flavouring and texture. The noodles used are different from what's available in the market. We only had complains that we couldn't have seconds. Excellent.

Double boiled mountain snow seed with lily bulb. The sweets were alright, and not too sweet. I wouldn't give it rave reviews as they were perfectly adequate.

I'm not really sure what they were but the fried one had a slightly sourish filling that made me think it wasn't lotus paste but sweet potato paste and the other was just sweet. I would give it a miss if I had to.

Additional sweets one of the cousins brought. Jelly mooncake with various fillings. They were seriously delicious. I love the chocolate one (surprise, surprise), the black sesame one as well as the coffee one.

Overall, this was a good place to have a nice reunion with family and enjoy a good meal. I think I will try their dim sum there one day. It's supposedly very good.

Grand Imperial
Bangsar Shopping Centre
Tel: +603-2283 1118/3366/3389

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