Sunday, May 15, 2011

Penang Redux 19

We head over to a big hawker centre in Penang, called New World Park for lunch.

It's situated behind Tune Hotels and only open for lunch till about tea time. We made sure we ordered delicacies that they were famous for.

Ais Kacang. 

My dessert of fruit Ais Kacang. Seriously good. The sweetness and the different flavours of the fruit mixed excellently with the red beans, corn and other stuff they dumped in.

Lam Mee. It was a little bland to me, and needed chilly to spice it up a little. Excuse the pun.

Yong Tau Fu noodles. To me, this is simple fare that is available in KL.

Here comes the big guns. It was deliciously filled with the now familiar spices of curry noodles found in Penang.

The Char Kuay Teow is also another famous dish to try here. I had to agree. It was well fried, not too oily and divinely tasty.

Fruit rojak from the same place we got our Ais Kacang. Regular tasting.

Bak Chang. While it's not bad, I still prefer the one I bought from the van near Isaribi Tei.

Yam cake. Okay, this one is fabulous. Best I have had in Penang. Thick with huge pieces of yam and filled with that yammy taste. Must try.

Banana pancakes. By far the best thing I have had in New World Park. It's crispy, hot and sweet at the same time. We ordered a little too much of this but worth every bite!

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