Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Penang Redux 17

Another round of good lunch food. This time not too far away from Sin Chuan Bee.

Heng Kee was supposedly once very popular but right now, it's pretty quiet, which is a damn waste if you ask me. Everything there was super delicious.

The Hakka dish of pork and preserved veggies. It would have tasted absolutely delicious with porridge. As it was, with white rice, the tasty saltiness was fabulous.

Stewed chicken. It literally fell apart with deliciousness. Yum.

This was an odd way of cooking kangkung but top points though. Basically the veggies are boiled and a mixture of belacan, chilly and salted fish is fried and pour over it. The smell was sensational.

Three taste fish. Properly fried and topped with a sweet and hot sauce.

Tofu with fish fillet. Interesting combination. Smooth and silky.

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