Sunday, May 8, 2011

Ho Ho Steamboat @ Sri Petaling

We take a break from at least 2 more Penang reduxes for me to post a short one on Ho Ho Steamboat Restaurant. This is my favourite steamboat place, where the soup and the chilly score all the points needed for a truly wonderful meal.

.... And I was playing with Lemecam on my Iphone.

Pretty popular place that went from one corner shop, to them taking over the second floor and finally the two shops next to them. The place is huge and most if the time, packed.

Our humble pot of soup. They have only one kind there, chicken broth.

Recent addition to the family. Barbequed chicken wings. Pretty tasty.

Our set. You can either order in set or by plate. What we do is to order per person and have additional stuff that we like later.

The extras that are our favourite. From the top left to right, Sui Kow, pork balls, needle mushrooms and seafood taufu. YUM!!

Our carbs for the day, which this time around, we couldn't finish.

Our pot of food cooking away.

Their fishballs are fresh and they say from Pulau Ketam. If you are in Sri Petaling, look for Jalan Radin Anum. You won't go wrong for a satisfying meal.

Ho Ho Steamboat Restaurant
Jalan Radin Anum,
Sri Petaling.

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