Saturday, December 1, 2012

The start of my Australian adventure

Munchie has had a hectic couple of months. Munchie has left the warm shores to Malaysia behind and has relocated to bright (sometimes too bright), sunny (nowadays TOO sunny) Australia.

I've been going around doing the touristy things and learning about what's good in the land Down Under. This will be a collection of my foodie adventures up to now.

Let's start with something quintessentially Australian. I was taking a walk to get to know the Sydney beaches and landed in Manly. Feeling peckish, I found a cafe opposite the beach which right now the name completely escapes me. But the above is two things that I have always wanted to try: Kangaroo and croc. Yes, you read correctly, meat from the tail of a crocodile. 

The kangaroo tastes like a milder version of beef and the croc has a clean palate, like white chicken breast, thought less stringy. Definitely a must try.

After my first ever paycheck in Australia, a couple of new colleagues and I went to try Max Brenner, the almighty chocolate and dessert cafe. This one was situated along George Street right at Wynyard Station. The top was Belgian waffles with chocolate ice cream, bananas and strawberries. While I love the ice cream, the waffles was just pedestrian. It's not mind blowing and it's something that I've had before.

Have anyone ever tried chocolate pizza? This is definitely a must have in Max Brenner. Crunchy with cornflakes and chocolate cereal with marshmallows masquerading as the cheese in a normal pizza. It gave this dessert that 'stringy' quality cheese had in a savoury pizza. Fabulous and unforgettable.

This was supposedly another must have at Max Brenner, their chocolate sandwich. Chocolate (or any other flavour ice cream) sandwiched between two soft cookies... Only the cookies weren't exactly so soft. I definitely did not like this at all. The cookie was so hard to get through and ended up stuck in my teeth because it was too chewy.

This was something I tried around a week ago. There is something called the Eat Art Truck going around Sydney serving food from a brightly art-decorated truck. They had a few dishes only but the line waiting was long, a testament of good food. This was the beef with kimchi salad. The bread was soft and warm while the beef was succulent and well stewed.

Chicken wings with mayo. Very addictive actually.

Pulled pork. My colleague complained that it was too sweet but I found it fine. Very nice.

This is supposedly the best macarons in all of Sydney. Since I've not tasted any other and I generally don't like macarons, I give this my special thumbs up. 

A little box of five different flavours. Soft and yummy, not too sweet and doesn't get stuck in your teeth like the Malaysian versions I have tried. Flavours from top: Chocolate, strawberry, caramel chocolate, passionfruit (I think) and caramel.

Well, that's a short one from me for now. There should be a new post up in a jiffy!!

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