Thursday, December 6, 2012

Bayside Lounge @ Darling Harbour, Sydney

Today, we are off to high tea.

And our destination is Bayside Lounge at Darling Harbour. It was a really hot day and getting out of the sun while still being able to watch what's going on outside was lovely.

We started off with a glass of fine sparkles. Lovely sparkling white wine what was fruity and flavourful. Great start and promise.

The main platter arrives!! Three tiers of loveliness! Let me break it down for you from the top:

White Chocolate Pistachio éclair, Berry Macarons and Brownie with Clotted Cream. The brownie wasn't what I expected. While it was rich, I didn't really like it that much. The berry macaron was lovely, without that sticky texture I had gotten used to in Malaysia. The eclair was perfection. The white chocolate wasn't too sweet. 

The second tier was crystal bay prawn and cucumber bruschetta and orange and vanilla crème brûlée. The prawns were fresh on a layer of crispy cucumber. Lovely! My favourite of all was the creme brulee. It was not too heavy with the right amount of citrus that balanced out the sweet. I was literally moaning through it.

The last layer was:  smoked chicken and asparagus finger sandwich and duck confit pie with eschalots and merlot jus. The sandwich was good but not particularly memorable. The duck was lovely with the duck not too stringy.

Let's have a closer look at my lovely creme brulee. I had already cracked the top a little bit with my spoon.

To finish off a wonderful meal was your choice of numerous types of coffee or tea. I chose mocha while my dining partner chose tea. 

Definitely worth a trip back!

available 1pm - 4pm wednesday to sunday
Bayside Lounge
Sydney Convention and Exhibition Centre
Darling Drive
Darling Harbour

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  1. good loh can eat good food at Sydney~ XD

    Regards, (A Growing Teenager Diary)