Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Golden Dragonboat Restaurant @ Kampong Pandan

Birthday dinners with the family is usually held at Chinese restaurants. I've had the opportunity to visit Golden Dragonboat Restaurant a few times and so far the food hasn't disappointed me to date.

We got a room, with karaoke. And you know what that means: NOISE!!

Four (erm three) season. Some sort of meat wrapped in bacon, which is good. Heck, anything wrapped in bacon is always good. Baby octopus that tasted like regular fare you get at Japanese sushi chains and some sort of chicken stir fry.

Sharks fin and crab meat soup with a sprinkling of crab roe. I wish I could wax poetic, but it was just regular sharks fin soup. It didn't taste bad or anything but I can't say it's any special from elsewhere. It was still properly prepared.

Steamed Kampung chicken. I expected this to be tough but it was very tender and smooth. I found myself surprised that I liked this a lot.

Steamed fish. Fresh and went well with the endless bowls of rice my family ordered.

Fresh and crunchy prawns. The 'butter' parts were quickly commandeered by me.

The obligatory veggie and taufu dish. I'm not really impressed but ate it for the sake of fibre.

The birthday noodle. Yum! Enough said.

Lotus seed pancake.

Logan and sea coconut dessert. As usual, I don't really go for such desserts.

Golden Dragonboat Restaurant
Kampong Pandan (at the roundabout)

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