Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Summer @ Quattro, Avenue K

We heard that the restaurant at Quattro was having a two for one deal. Having ate there once before, we were eager to try their tenderloin again. But we really wanted to try the mash potatoes it came with. It was probably the best I had ever had.

Our drinks came. Carrot juice and my cocktail, Mr K's Wet Dream. It's similar to a Sex on The Beach, but this being fruit punch with a drop (and I literally mean A DROP) of alcohol in the whole thing. Disappointing.

Our steaks came, mine with wedges and veggies. Guess what? The former chef has left and no more mash potato. Also this came as well done even after I stressed it to be 'medium rare'. Totally disappointing.

The Cousin went carb free and more veggies. Those little blobs are actually mushrooms but lo behold, canned.

All I can say is, while the food isn't exactly bad, it's not really something I would go out of my way to eat again.

Summer @ Quattro,
Avenue K


  1. Out of all your posts, this one has the least photos. I guess it does reflect your disappointment over it.

  2. Actually, we didn't order anything past this. We just couldn't find anything on the menu that really tempted us. Total disappointment.