Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Meatworks @ Solaris Mont Kiara

Hello everyone once again!! Took a long break and suddenly found myself completely lazy about blogging anything, even food (Sacrilegious,!! Sacrilegious!!).

But now I'm recharged and back.

A colleague told me about this place where you can have a whole chunk of beef for a really good price and the food is actually good. The almighty word of 'beef' was mentioned and I couldn't resist hopping there over the weekend.

Situated in the corner right opposite Cold Storage lay indeed where my meat cravings would be satisfied.

Fondant Potatoes, modest looking dish of sauteed potatoes and corned beef silverside. Simple yet satisfying for the carb addict in me.

When I see sauteed mushrooms on the menu, and the fresh version, I cannot help but order it. It was tasty and juicy. What's not to love of mushroom with thyme and garlic?

This was the reason I came here to begin with. Two of us tried their Signature Bone-In Fillet. Cooked to the correct doneness of medium rare with their juices intact. It was served with a side salad and wedges. I had one complaint was it promised mash potatoes and I had insisted on mash potatoes when I ordered but it came without. I had made a complaint to one of the waiters and he told me 'next time', which I found ridiculous.

I spoke to another waiter, who brought this lovely thing out for me without question:

The mash itself was just regular. What made it distinctive was the brown rosemary sauce. It indeed brought out the flavour of the potatoes and the beef as well.

To the waiter who brought me this, and was told off by the earlier waiter who callously insisted 'next time' despite my insisting during ordering: Well done! Excellent service. I will come back to have my meals here simply for your service alone.

The service for me was slightly dodgy but saved by the proactiveness of one person. Food-wise, I have completely not complaints. After this place, I have no more wariness for local beef. Correctly prepared, it can taste as good as their Australian counterpart.

MeatWorks Restaurant @ Solaris
2G 3A, Jalan Solaris 5, Block H
Solaris Mont Kiara
50480 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
(Directly across Cold Storage)

T +603 6203 0871 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              +603 6203 0871      end_of_the_skype_highlighting


  1. Hey, welcome back!!

    The slogan on the signboard itself "For all your meaty cravings" is tempting enough. And the Bone-In Fillet sure looks juicy and yummy..Seriously, I can't find any good beef meals here, not even in Swensens.

    Well, kudos to the waiter who brought you the mash potatoes. I find that attitude of the first waiter ridiculous. I often feel that our local hospitality management is very poor. Of course there are some good ones but they are often overshadowed by those "black sheeps".

    Oh, I noticed that you have changed your blog URL from to just .com. Mind telling me how to do that? :)

  2. Miseremei,

    I bought a domain. You can actually do that in blogspot itself. When they ask you which domain you want... either the or something, you just click you want your own. Then it will give you the option to buy a domain name.

    Try it. It's fun :P